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Since 1999, we have helped many clients - some well known, others not -  creating signficant value for founders, investors and management

Nucleus was a strategic partner  to a leading Canadian medical device company over an 8-year relationship, during the period of transition from an R&D company to a commercial enterprise, and ultimately capping the relationship with the acquisition of the company by a major multinational at a 10X revenues valuation. During that period, Nucleus provided a range of srtategic support during critical milestones including the first U.S. product launch, divestiture of a business unit and a $25 million financing.

Nucleus led the buyout of Canada's largest rehab services company from a NYSE listed parent company. The $90 million transaction was one of the largest buyouts in the Canadian healthcare market.

Nucleus helped a healthcare services company to respond to the closing of a key market segment due to a change in government regulation, successfully turning a threat into a new revenue opportunity with a $40 million potential.

Nucleus secured  a $15 million round of financing to spin-out a drug development start-up out of a publicly listed life sciences company.

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